Charting Your Course

So imagine you are taking a trip. You get in the car and your GPS asks you for the address and you realize you don’t have it.  All you know is that you want to go to “Tom’s house,” but your GPS doesn’t know where Tom lives.  I’m sure you would agree that if you don’t know where you’re going there is very little chance you will get there. No GPS system can find a location without an address or coordinates.  You need to have a destination. But the human experience is quite different, or is it?

What if your navigation system took emotions instead of addresses? What if you could get in your car and plug in Happiness as your destination? Where would you start? How would you know you were going in the right direction? Well your car doesn’t have this feature, but your brain does. Let’s call it your Emotional Guidance System or EGS. The question is what destination are you inputting? Are you searching through your previous destinations and selecting frustration, self-doubt, inadequacy or angry young man? You certainly know how to get to those places. In fact you could probably get to these places with your eyes closed.

And if you are happy with your current situation, if you wake up everyday with joy in your heart and anticipation for another great day on earth, then those destinations are serving you well and you should continue your frequent visits. But if your usual routes have left you feeling like something is missing, that you are just waiting to be “found out” or you are just not happy then you need to make a change.

The power of your Emotional Guidance System is that you can choose to go anywhere you want. It is no harder to go to happiness than it is to go to frustration. You just have more practice with frustration. It is no harder to go to self-confidence than it is to go to self-doubt. Just like your car’s navigation system, you will arrive at any destination you set. There is no judgment, just charting a course.

Your car tells you to “make a legal U-Turn” when you are off course, your EGS tells you that something is amiss by how you feel. Are you listening to your Emotional Guidance System or are you ignoring its feedback and consistently surprised when you get lost? You are in control of the destination you set and the decisions to “recalculate.” Choose wisely.

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