Welcome to Raise Your Oars!

Welcome to Raise Your Oars!  No this is not a rowing club or a boating site.  Raise Your Oars is a metaphor for not fighting the current of your life, to learn how to figuratively Raise Your Oars and let the current of life take you easily and effortlessly downstream.   Raise Your Oars is the culmination of many years of coaching and mentoring people of all ages struggling with who they are and who they want to be.  I have worked with young people trying to invent themselves as professionals or “somethings” in an attempt to reach their goals and more mature people (like me) trying to re-invent themselves.  We’ve graduated from college, gotten our first job, and had a career, planned and trained and now what?  Is it what you thought it would be?  Are you fulfilled?  Do you feel you’re in the wrong place more often than not?  Why weren’t there classes on how to be happy?  Where are the guides to help us match who we are with what we do and how we think?

Many of us believe that life is hard, that obstacles and circumstances conspire against us to prevent us from reaching our goals.  But what if the opposite were true?  What if you could live a life where who you are and what you want are in sync?  What if the bumps in the road felt like gumdrops and not speed bumps?   We know that when we fight our natural current, life can be exhausting, frustrating and unfulfilling.  It can just feel too hard. Raise Your Oars is a new way to look at an age-old struggle – How to live a happy, authentic life and how to get there with as little resistance as possible.   Join us on this exciting journey as we explore how easy it is to Raise Your Oars and Find Your Flow.